Because they are forever dogs..

Want the skinny on what’s been happening with Simply Dog Photography? We’re relocating that’s what!! We’ll be relocating to Columbus, Ohio-yes with ALL dogs in tow– end of next month and booking sessions in Columbus AND Las Vegas for the Fall!

I’ll be honest and say my eyes glazed over when we first talked about it (umm you want to go where? Like where it snows? Where they have big bugs and humidity?) But after visiting Columbus for the first time and seeing all the beautiful locations I’ll have to work with, the quaint towns, the beautiful forests, waterfalls, lakes, urban scapes and skyline- I saw it as great opportunity amongst so many other things that I’ve missed about the Midwest for so long. So… armed with some wave spray and killer cute rain boots–we’re on to our next adventure! Finding a house on such a short timeline to house 4 dogs (renting was not an option) has been hands down ONE TALL ORDER! It has been a challenging 3  months and that is putting it mildly. On a more serious note, I  cannot tell you how many times during the process I thought “This must be about the time people start giving up hope and reaching out to rescue groups to rehome their pets, feeling they have no other options.” A sad but very real situation, many legitimate, many just because its an easy way out. Not something we’d even consider… because mine are forever dogs! ♥

Rob and I talked about the very real possibility that we may not find something within the timeline we had been given and we had no choice but to consider other alternatives-one that meant living apart if necessary for however long it would take. This is the family we have chosen for ourselves and we love them more than anything. We would do whatever it took until we found the perfect fit for all of us. ♥

After losing 2 homes during our homesearch (one a blessing in disguise) and the other I still haven’t made peace yet because I’m certain it was my dream home, I finally rec’d an email with “New on the Market” and this one would soon become our new home! I called him and said I know you’re frustrated with the drive bys but one last house–just drive by it–this was a neighborhood we really wanted to be in! Well he did and I think he was going to camp out in the lawn that night! He saw it the next day and put in the offer. The house had been on the market 3 days and went into contract on day 4! We were bound and determined to not lose another one!

My realtor chimed in and said “You’;ll love it–and if you don’t–we’ll sell it! It’s a hot area and I know it will turn around quickly.” Well we proved that–where in the country is any home on and off the market so fast these days–Columbus! I know my dogs are getting an amazing yard with a fence they can actually see out. They will feel real grass, and chase real squirrels AND it’s in a truly amazing suburb of Columbus–one that I could not ask to be any prettier!

So while we will still be available for sessions in Las Vegas, it will just be a bit more limited and we’ll be back in the fall–perfect timing for cooler temps! A few pics of my kids new playground! Oh yeah and by the way–we’re getting a new look–website and blog combined—what do you think?

The furkids playground!

This is my spot for when it rains! ♥♥

Whats in the design stage! ♥






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