"I want to give you an unforgettable day out with your pet, create a bunch of amazing photos and then create something that will make you smile everyday but also give you a way to hold on to them forever..."

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Claudine and if you haven't guessed it by now---I LOVE dogs! All of them, all the crazy things they do and their carefree spirit! It's who I am. I was inspired to start Simply Dog Photography after the loss of my heart dog Tango.

My dogs have such a major impact on my life and I just love them like crazy! My dad always says "Do we have anything else to talk about besides Dogs?" Ha Ha-no!

I honestly had never thought of professional photographs of my dog. That is of course until the day he was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer that would end his life within the following 3 weeks. 

I had a ton of snapshots of him. But that's it-snapshots. Nothing to put on my wall to make me smile everyday. Nothing to remember him the way I wanted to and surely nothing that told his story. Simply Dog Photography was born.

Why I do what I do? I LOVE being able to give my clients such amazing memories of thier pets that mean so much to them. Experiencing the emotion a client feels when they see their images for the first time. They laugh. They cry. They know they have something they can hold on to forever and ever even long after that pet is gone.

I love seeing how excited they get when they see their finished products for the first time.

It makes them smile and just simply happy to have something so unique. Maybe it's the one that has just flipped thru their album for the 20th time. Sometimes I'll get that email or phone call several months or years later, maybe after a pet has passed...just to tell me again how happy those images made them feel.

Every pet has their special story. What's yours and how will you remember?

I've been photographing pets now since 2010. I'm a "dog" mom to 3 shelter rescues and loving every crazy off the wall minute of it!

Just after relocating to Ohio, and very unexpectedly, I lost my boy TJ. I cannot tell you how incredibly thankful this time around that I have more photographs than I know what to do with and they all tell the story of our last 5 years of our life together. A pleasant reminder thru a difficult time of how happy his life was. Our time was short, but full of life and fun. Visit his blog post here